My Measurements

Since cup measurements differ from country to country, here are my personal measurements:


1 cup flour = 120gm

1 cup milk  = 200ml

1 cup butter/margarine = 225gm

1 cup sugar = 200gm

1 cup rice = 185gm


1 tbsp butter = 15gm

1 tbsp baking powder = 15gm

1 tsp baking powder = 5gm

1 tsp yeast = 3gm

1 tbsp yeast = 10gm


hi cup of butter in cake and cookies recipes does it mean melted butter or solid butter?

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Solid butter.

I thot a cup was 250 ml? U use 200 ml? For milk as well as water?

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Yes my measuring cups are set up for that amount. 200ml liquid per cup, whether milk or water.

superb!!!thanks dear for help!!!

What is all purpose flour is this plain flour?

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Yes it is.

salaam...please tell me measuring of ounces in spoons....
1 ounce = ........ spoon???? thnx!!!

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It is a type of spice, also known as Za'afran in arabic or Kesar in indian.

hi ma dia siz thanks alot i came to know da measurement before i used to use ma eyes dat is y ma bakings r nt good.

salams..ur website is amazing..needed to ask is all purpose flour maida or roti atta..thanx..!!!!

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W/Salaam, thank you. AP flour is maida.

thanx for ur reply..pls do upload more of your recipes during the month of ramadhan its a blessing for people like me..i will be trying rose rolls tom hope they turn out perfect like yours...thanx once again ..xxxx

oh yeah forgot to ask u 2 cups chicken (shredded n boiled) approximate how much is tht in gms?..thanx

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Approximately 250gm.

Salam, Fauziya, thanks soo much 4 ur contribution. We wouldn't have done it without u. Ur a life saver

thanx for ur reply

how much is 1 cup yoghurt and 1 cup besan and 1 cup water thank u

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1 cup yoghurt is 200ml, 1 cup besan is 120gm and 1 cup water is 200 ml.

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W/Salaam. Please refer to this note for my measurement conversions: My Measurements

do you use regular tea/coffee cups for measurement or have you got them special measuring cups available from the supermarket. thanks in advance.

Salam!! Fauzia how much is 100gm onion please reply

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W/Salaam, depends on the size of the onions, could be one large one or two medium ones.

Assalamu Alaiki Fauzia ! Thank u for being there for us .. Jazakillah khairan.


just a quick question. when you say 1.5 t 2 cups of chicken, whats the measurement for that?

i recently discovered your website and I must say i Do salute your passion :) your few recipes that I have tried are really awesome. thanks for sharing...

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Hi and thanks! That's roughly about 250gm of boneless chicken.

Pls fauzia, which type of milk(solid or liquid form) is more preferable when mixing cake.

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ALWAYS use liquid milk UNLESS the recipe states otherwise.

Salaam Alaikum dear sis fauzia... I just wanted to ask, is there anything you can do to get rid of these ads that are popping up non stop on every single page of urs when I try to open they're really getting to me!!!! Aaaaah! Jazakillah xx

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W/Salaam, please email me a screenshot of which ads you mean. Thanks!

Assalamu Alaikum... Your recipes are amazing Masha Allah.. Ilm in a confusion with Milk in your recipe... Is it fresh milk or can we use milk powder ?

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W/Salaam, thanks. Always fresh milk unless specified otherwise in the recipe. :)

assalaam aleykum.

How can I print your recipes from your website?

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W/Salaam, you can copy them to a word document and print from there. :)

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W/Salaam, either you are over-mixing the batter, or over-baking the cake. :)

Hi there, I wanted to ask you wanna bake a cake it says 50 grams flour how many cups would that be? How about 50 grams margarine?

S.a.plz assist me hw to measure 8oz semi sweet chocolate in cup or tbsp. Vl reali appreciate. Thanks alot

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W/Salaam, it will be about 1 and a quarter cups.

Assalamalaikum..i recently came to know abt FKF & i really like ur recipes.Thank u..

Aselam Alekum sr.Fauzia. Can u plz include oven temperature conversions as well. In the US the oven temp is in Fahrenhite.

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W/Salaam, will include a note on this.

Salam sister!!!

How much is 1 level tea cup??? Plz reply soon.

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Same as 1 cup measurement as listed above.

Asak. Can you please post a picture of your measuring cup. I normally use the measuring cup which came with my electric rice cooker.

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Will do.

Asak dear fauzia, could u please tell me how to convert oz to gms or wat ever, how much is 7oz butter. Jazakallah khair

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Approx 200gm.