Caramel Cake Pineapple Supreme

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Serves 8-10

A dessert that incorporates cake, caramel pudding, pineapple and cream. Rich, delicious and really easy to put together, one of my favourite recipes!

plain cake, cut into cubes
(I baked a simple vanilla cake for this, but you can use box cakes or ready-made ones...any plain vanilla cake will do)
1 box/packet
instant caramel pudding
1 ½ cups of whipping cream + 1 tbsp. icing sugar+ 1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 cup
pineapple wedges, drained
milk as needed to make the caramel pudding PLUS 1 more cup

Here is the recipe for my Plain Vanilla Cake.

Place the cubed cake pieces in a bowl/dish. Prepare the caramel pudding according to instructions, but add an extra cup of milk above what they ask for on the box. When ready, pour it onto the cake and let this cool completely. You can even cling film and refrigerate until the pudding sets.

Whip the cream with the icing sugar and a tsp. of vanilla plus the pineapple wedges. Pour this on your cooled set cake pudding evenly.

Heat the small caramel sachet that comes with the Instant Pudding for about 10 secs in the micro. Cut a small hole and drizzle the caramel all over the dessert. Refrigerate.

Serve chilled & enjoy! :)


do you whip the pineapples with the cream? do they not get in the way of the electric whisker?

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Yes whip with the cream. If you chop them into small bits they will not get in the way. :)

Can u plz tell me that we pour da batter of pudding hot in cake dish.

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Yes, pour the HOT pudding onto the cake base.

jazakallah again for wonderful recipe made it for a party and everyone lovedIt I said all credit to fauzia

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W/Salaam, I use the liquid whipping cream, it does not come in sachets, comes in cartons. Not sure how big/small the sachets you mentioned are.

thnx for ur reply i bought dream whip pck it has four sachet & plz can u post the recipe of small chicken burger shukran allah hafiz..

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Please check the Burgers & Sandwiches folder for the chicken burger.

Salam Fauzia,
I was wondering if you take into consideration gelatin that is amongst ingredient for puddings.That's what stops from me from any pudding desssert,here in the west it is difficult to find 'Halal' gelatin.

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W/salaam, always buy halal gelatin or puddings which are marked halal (should be easily available in most desi/asian markets or online).

Wen i poured the hot caramel pudding milk on the cake, the cake became soggy and the milk jst went this rite...i thought it would be a different layer :(

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Yes this is perfectly right, it could not possibly be a different layer as it is liquid and therefore has to get absorbed into the cake. Allow it to set within the cake.

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W/Salaam, that's the one! :)

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W/Salaam, sure you can!

making it today for iftaar :) Wish me Luck!

i tried this recipe and it was delicious shukran i love your recipes i always try them

Hi Fauzia, Can you use a blender to whip the whipping cream and pineapples or does it have to be an electric hand mixer?

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Hi! best to use a hand mixer for that.

Hi Fauzia, I made this today. What can I say, a perfect cake soaked with custard that melts in your mouth...followed with a cream and just the right hints of flaked pineapples! Perfect balance of sweetness -
The electric handmixer whipped the cream and pineapple really well.

Thank you for sharing.... this is a keeper!

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W/Salaam, I used to purchase Greens brand of Caramel pudding at any Tesco outlet in the UK. Do try checking there. Pudding will not give the same results.

Hi. By caramel pudding, do u mean creme caramel pudding?

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Hi, yes that is correct.

As salamelikum I want to try this recipe for iftar after tomm. I hav whipping cream satchet from dream whip. Can u recommend me how many satchet should I use. Jazakallah

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W/Salaam, am not sure how many cups each packet whips up to. But since this is just a topping for the dessert, you can start by whipping one, spreading it on the dessert then see if you need more.

tuday i will try dz for bachelor iftar party insha allah..
fauziyaji.. can u pls suggest a nice electrical oven .. i am going tu get a new make cakes, pizzas, fatayers etc.. we r in Qatar..(mail to me in

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I always prefer an electric oven with a gas stove-top. Baking turns out best in electric ovens whilst pot/pan cooking always is easier on a gas burner. Make sure the brand of oven you select is one that has warranty and is recognised, a good investment in a good oven could save you decades of agony as opposed to buying a cheaper make and having to replace it within a few years. Make sure you get a fan-assisted oven, speeds up baking and makes sure heat is evenly distributed in the oven. Also, check that the oven has a grill, this will be handy for browning the tops of such things as buns/cakes/naans etc. Get a spacious oven that can take at least 2 eight inch cake pans side by side with about 1 inch space all around. All the best! :)

Salam fauzia,
I made this and everyone loved it! I want to make it again for eid but want to add more pineapple. Can I put a layer of pineapple before putting the cake or on top of the cake then pour the caramel custard .?Im not sure if the pineapple would ruin the milk. Please advice, thankyou.

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Yes you can add a layer of pineapple, perfectly ok.

can we use simple vanilla pudding inths recepie ??

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Yes you can.

I can't find instant caramel pudding in my local grocery store. I am in the usa, which brand do you use? Othewise can I use another flavor like butterscotch or chocolate. It looks so yummy.

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Yes you can use any flavour you like. :)

I am facing the same problem, did u try using any other flavor? How were the results

Salaams Fauzia,

I really want to try this recipe, however I just cant seem to find instant caramel pudding. I live in the UK and went to Sainsburys yesterday to have a look but they dont have it. Although there were plenty of instant custards. Can I substitute the pudding with the custard? Or if you know where I could find it, that'd be great.

Take care, wasalams.

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W/Salaam, it will set.

slms fauzia jst wanted to know if the caramel pudding wont be too runny as you suggest to add some more milk than the required quantity???will it set

Can we use digestive biscuits base instead of cake base???

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Hmm, have never tried this with biscuits for a base, it would make a rather thin base, but you can give it a try.

But pudding will hold the biscuit base, I guess :s

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Hi, it will be perfect. :)

Hi,I am going to make this for a dinner at home and bought a ready made vanilla cake.Was just wondering cake cream and caramal all have sugar,wouldn't it be too sweet?

made it today and it is the best dessert i have ever made! Thanks! Only thing is cake was not as soft as i expected and i used your vanilla cake recipe. It was moist before adding pudding but not after putting it together. Still loved it

Mashallah keep it fauzia.wanted to ask how many servings is this dessert?

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Thank you, this will serve 10-12 people.

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W/Salaam, this should serve 10-12 people.


Salam, I want to try this dessert for my party abt 15
Guest. Can u pls tell me how manu people can serve this receipr?