Baked Naans

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2 big naans or 4 small naans

These are soft and flaky naans that go perfectly with sooo many dishes. Perfect accompaniment to all sorts of curries or kababs.

2 cups
all-purpose flour
egg, lightly beaten
1 tsp.
1 tsp.
1 tsp.
1/4 tsp.
baking powder
1 tbsp.
milk powder
1/2 cup
1/2 cup
2 tbsp.
- for applying on naans once done
sesame seeds
- for sprinkling on the naans

Warm the water with the milk. You may not need to use all of it in the dough.

Sift the flour, then add milk powder, salt, sugar, yeast and baking powder. Stir together to combine. Make a well in the center and add the oil plus HALF the egg. Mix it into the flour, then gradually add the water & milk and combine until dough is very soft and quite sticky. If it gets too sticky, just touch a bit of oil and knead it, then put the dough in an oiled bowl and cover. Let it rest until it doubles in volume.

Turn the dough out on a floured surface and divide into 3-4 balls (depending on how big you want the naans, I make mine quite big so I just make 2 out of this amount). Let the balls rest for 10 minutes. Again, the dough will be quite sticky so just sprinkle a bit of flour on them and on the work surface.

Preheat your oven at 240 C.

Flatten each ball of dough with your fingers and stretch out to form a circle. Then gently pick it up and toss it from the left palm to the right palm multiple times to help it stretch and form the naan shape.

Place the naans on a greased baking tray, then brush the tops with the remaining half egg. You can sprinkle some sesame seeds on them if you want.

Bake for about 4-5 minutes or until the naans are spotted with brown. Remove and brush with some melted butter.

Keep covered until time of serving.

Enjoy! :)



Asalaamalikum, I made these yesterday. . but not sure if I made it the right way or not. .. I had to flip the Naan while it was in the oven.. otherwise it was just browning from the bottom and becoming hard like a biscuit.. .also the dough wasn't really that sticky it wasn't stretching on my palm.. I had to flatten it out by my fingers on the baking tray (like a pizza dough).. lastly how many can use make at the same time? I had to wait for one to be done before I cud put the other one inside.

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W/Salaam, these take about 4-5 minutes at high temperature to get done, baking them any longer than this makes them hard/over-cooked. The dough needs to be sticky, so when kneading ensure you add enough liquid to get it to a soft and slightly sticky texture. You do not need to turn them over, they get done on both sides in the oven. Depending on the size of your oven, you can do 2 at a go, but since they don't take long to bake, making them takes hardly any time. Check to see whether the temperature you set your oven at was the recommended one, and also check that the oven grill comes on when you bake these. :)

u mean the oven grill needs to be on too? since instructions just said bake, i just used the bottom part of the oven. ..didn't turn the grill on... !!

secondly. ..something separate... my oven is mashallah a good size and i can put two.. but my burners opening for some reason is only on one side of the oven.. i.e the bottom left side. .. i think the burners usually in the middle right? so shud i keep the baking tray directly upon the burner? and if so, then the tray on the other side which is farther away from the burner will take longer to cook right?

hope my question isn't too complicated :-0

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Yes I meant the grill needs to be turned on along with the oven and the naans need to be baked in the centre rack of the oven to get equal heating from all sides. I got what you mean about the burners turning on only on one side, that is rather strange and maybe you should have that checked for even heating.

Jazakallah khair, the suggestions helped.. i made the dough stickier and opened the grill too...

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Thanks for the feedback Samreen!

by grill u mean the top burner inside the oven right ?

Salaam Fauzia,

I made these naans along with butter chicken, n they were a perfect combination! Thanx for the recipe and the suggestions in the comments...they really helped!

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Did you bake them for longer than the recommended time?

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W/Salaam, thank you. Yes that is fine.

salam, fauzia how are you? your recipes are so good.i tried rose balls they were too i want to know i can freeze these naans? if yes then how? or is there any way to freze plain roti?

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W/Salaam, thank you. Bake the naans, then wrap them well and freeze. Warm them when needed.

Plz tell me wats d differnce between naan dough nd chiken bread dough or pita bread dough ,can i use same dough for all these? Plz repy soon

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Best to use the dough specified for each recipe in order to get best results.

Thanx for reply
U r doing great job,where u live?

Salaam Fauzia - love your recipes. they are amazing. I've used ur recipes a couple times to cook in bulk too - for over a hundred people and always perfection.

Question about the milk powder - would i just omit if i dont have it or use regular milk instead?


Thanks so much for the quick reply! :)

Salams...I am going to try this today Insha Allah...but had a quick long do you let the dough sit in the covered bowl for, in order for it to double in size? Thanks!

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W/Salaam, that depends on the weather. It could take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on how warm or cool it is.

what if i dont have milk powder?? can i still make it?

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Yes you can.

That naan recipe..what can u substitute the egg for cos we are fasting

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Hi, you can use 2 tbsp. yoghurt in place of the egg.

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Yes they can. You can flip them once one side is done. Or use my tawa naan recipe for better results on stove-top.

Fouzia can these be made on stove top in a pot? If so how long shall I cook and how will I get the top part done? ,

asalam aleikum can i quit the milk powder..

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W/Salaam, yes you can.

Hi Fauzia,
i tried your naan recipe yesterday and they turned out divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could not believe my eyes and taste buds. My husband went mad! i can proudly say i am the best naan cook in my whole family.Although my naans didnt brown even after 6 minutes so i took them out put butter on it with pastry brush and put it under the grill to brown them and WALA! Thank you soooooo much. May Allah bless you!

Wat can u replace the egg with?

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For each egg use 2 tbsp. fresh yoghurt.

Hi Fauzia, I tried your chicken bread ( in fact my whole office has )and it was a huge sucsess ! Thanks sooooo much and keep the recipes coming.
ps do you have a masala recipe ? I'm camping with mates this weekend and want to make a curry potjie with your naan breads.

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Hi and thanks for the awesome feedback! Yes, which specific masala recipe did you need? A chicken/meat/fish or veg one? Please check through the relevant albums to see some options. :)

salaams.....can we omit brushing the top with egg and just brush it with butter...i tried the tawa nan and it turned out very nice. Bless you!!!!

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W/Salaam, yes you can omit the egg.

salam sis..... wat is suitable side dish 4 naan rotti??????

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W/Salaam, just about any curry or bbq dish will be fine.

can we make the dough for these in the morning n bake them in the evening, if we intend to serve them in the dinner, or will it effect the results?

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W/Salaam, yes you can make the dough early but if your climate is warm I would suggest to store the dough (wrapped well) in the refrigerator to avoid the dough getting too yeasty.

Hi Fauzia,
Do we need to make slits in the naans before putting them into the oven?

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Hi, no because the naan is stretched thin as it is, no need to slit it.

Thanks! Really appreciate the time you take out to reply.

So, the naans should be thin when placed on the oven tray? Should they rise? Also, will they stay okay if made 6-8 hrs in advance and covered with a cloth?

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Yes the naans should be thin and they wouldn't rise very much. And yes you can make them ahead of time and keep them covered.

Is it necessary to use yeast. Can I double the potion of baking soda for makin naan.

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W/Salaam, yes yeast is needed for best results. :)

Salams, I am going to try this recipe today but before this i want to ask what type of yeast is used for these naans?As in your bread recipe you mentioned instant yeast.For the naan is it the same yeast?Please tell me how i can make these naan as qeema bharay naan (naan stuffed with minced)? Jazakallah.

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W/Salaam, yes I use instant yeast. Will post a mince-filled naan recipe soon.

Slaam. Insha ALLAH I shall try it tomorrow,bt i have not milk powder.